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A Cybersecurity Blog for Kids

Don’t be afraid if you are no longer considered a kid! I am borrowing the idea from the Feynman Technique, which suggests that the best way to validate understanding of a subject is to try to explain the subject to a middle school student. The idea is that a subject that is not explained in a simple manner is not fully understood. Therefore, if I can’t explain a security topic in a way that can be understood by kids, I don’t understand the topic well. My goal on this blog is to write about security topics in a way that minimizes hand-waving explanations, generalizations, and buzzwords, which are habits that can hide gaps in understanding. Constant learning is crucial in the cybersecurity field because of the amount of new information and research published. This blog will help me to keep pace of these new developments and solidify my knowledge of a wide range of topics. Besides validating my understanding, my hope is that this blog will provide useful information to you in a clear and concise manner.